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Earth. Version 2021. What was next?

13 MAY — 14 JUNE 2021

This exhibition serves as an artistic study to the question "Does nature need humans?" Artists as mediators form two visual scenarios for the development of the Earth: confirming the negative impact of man on nature and hypothetical modeling of the situation of the existence of the Planet in the absence of a human.

The exhibition is built through the Nature-centered model of the four elements: Earth/Water, Air/Fire. Each part is the opposition of one element to another and at the same time the study of human influence on these elements. The choice of the venue for the exhibition is symbolic - the Darwin Museum, which impartially records the process of evolution of life on Earth. The result of the exhibition is the design of a possible scenario for understanding the real place of man in the evolutionary process. Creating a visualization of the future of humanity. An attempt to rethink the 2020 pandemic. Involving the viewer in the discussion, Making him understand that he himself can and must choose the future in which he needs to live.

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