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Artwork Color Focus: Blue This artwork is made by Natalia Koren Kropf, a New York-based multimedia artist who is inspired by the diverse art life of New York City. Most often she works with prints due to the lyrical quality of this media while being inspired by the simplicity and craftsmanship of the artists such as Henri Matisse and Helen Frankenthaler. In painting and color theory, blue is one of the three primary colors, and so it is not unusual that it has been used in art ever since the ancient civilizations. When it comes to art history the two most famous variations of this color are the Byzantium blue (the one ranging from light celestial blue or lazuli to dark Egyptian blue that was used by the Byzantine fresco painters) and the Klein blue (the color invented by the legendary post-war artist Yves Klein). Blue is most often used for the military and later police uniforms, and since it is associated with harmony, blue was selected as the color of the flags of the European Union and the United Nations. Andante is a beautiful blue print reminiscent of the sea fossils made by the artist this year. To present the contemporary usage of this color, we selected ten outstanding artworks that you can add to your collection while reading the text below.

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